Shepherd is looking forward to our Church Wide Event Fall 2021.

We will be using The Story (Frazee) to read the Bible from cover to cover Small Groups will meet and study along with the Sunday Sermons and Children & Youth messages.



  • Men’s - Committed to encourage and equip the men of Shepherd to know Christ and grow strong in the Word.
  • Women’s - Connect with the growing group of women at Shepherd who are experiencing the transforming power of  God's love and grace.
  • Adult Mixed - These groups are made up of a mixture of men and women, not age specific.
  • Family - These groups include children in their meetings. Older school-age children and teenagers may or may not participate in the group discussion time.
  • Silver Seniors - These groups consist of mature men and women.

Why should I join?


  • To study God’s Word
  • To grow in Christ
  • To be in fellowship with other believers
  • To meet people
  • To pray

What group is right for me?


Small Groups are open to all adults, families and high school students.


Please contact for more details.