Just before reopening our doors for worship, we had our entire building treated which included all the pews, chairs, surfaces and ventilation. The professionals at Microbe Free used atomized sprayers, the first spray is our Hypergreen™ “kill”, Fresh Start, which eliminates 99.9% of all microbes. Next, they sprayed an Xmicrobe Antimicrobial which forms a long lasting polymer that is firmly bonded to the microscopic pores of any hard or soft surface to form a clear protective shield that lasts for the useful life of the surface. Their Fresh Start chemistry renders Coronavirus (COVID-19) Inactive with 99.9% effectiveness. This treatment bonds to surfaces and will stay protected for years.

  • EPA registered and approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. 
  • On CDC's Emerging Pathogen list.
  • Does not release harmful chemicals into the earth, air, or ozone, making this product environmentally green.
  • Even safe for food prep surfaces.

Indoor Worship Guidelines

We hope you join us for worship. Masks are optional during services.  For those who are not ready to worship in person at this time, we will continue to livestream our 9:30 am worship service. Whether in person or online, we praise God for the opportunity to worship together! 

We are pleased to announce that the entire church building has been disinfected and treated for long lasting results. For added confidence, we ask that you use the available hand sanitizing stations. As we anticipate seeing old friends and catching up with our church family, we encourage conversations to take place outside.  

To assist with social distancing, the offering plate will not be passed, but instead offering boxes will remain near the back of the Sanctuary.

You might also be interested in some of the additional changes that will be in place as you return. Because of our desire to limit the possible spread of Covid, there will be no refreshments (coffee and donuts) at this time, and Busy Bags will not be available. Additionally, hearing assisted devices will not be provided by the church.

Thank you for continuing to pray for our church and each other as we continue to move forward winning and growing people for Christ together. 

God's Peace,

Pastor Aaron